Next Generation IT Infrastructure Monitoring

If you're not using   Network Knowledge   you're only
getting half the story.






There's more to monitoring your IT infrastructure than utilisation graphs and threshold alerts.

If your IT Infrastrucutre is the backbone of your business you need to know all you can about it's operational status. While collecting and graphing data gives you an insight into how your infrastructure is running, it's only telling you half the story.


Operational information at your fingertips.

All components of your infrastructure contain information that is vital when troubleshooting an issue, planning maintenance, or just trying to understand the big picture.

Whether it's the MTU of a router interface, the kernel version of a Linux box, or the SSL certificate on a web server, Network Knowledge will collect, store, and track changes to that information while it's collecting the data for your graphs.

While troubleshooting an outage, have you ever wanted to ask yourself "What's changed in the last 10 minutes"? Network Knowledge will do that and much, much more.


We're not the only ones who think it's great!

We were struggling to solve a packet loss issue until we queried Network Knowledge to find any interfaces that weren't configured for Jumbo packets. Brilliant! What a step up from our last monitoring system.
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Having our graph data available in 60 second samples is fantastic. There's nothing worse than seeing "5 minute averages" for data thats just a few weeks old. 5 minutes is a long time in todays IT environments.
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