About Us.

Building decades of infrastructure operations
experience into software has produced a truly
innovative product.

Network Knowledge - The People

The team at Network Knowledge includes decades of hands-on experience running major network and IT Infrastructure platforms. National ISP networks, huge hosting platforms, and even cloud infrastructure before the word "Cloud" became so popular. We've done just about everything so we have a great understanding of what you need.

Combine that operational understanding with decades of development experience and a passion for producing quality software and you have Network Knowledge. Our founder, David Hughes, has been a prominent members of the Internet / Telco industry since the 1990's, and is responsible for some major opensource software projects over those years. He's been running networks and designing tools to help people run networks since before the Internet came to Australia.

Network Knowledge - The Software

The original ideas for Network Knowledge started formulating during research for a Ph.D over 20 years ago. Since then, some of the ideas have been prototyped and tested in high-profile service provider environments. The ideas that proved themselves have been further enhanced and incorporated into Network Knowledge.

Practical experience has shown that operations teams need quality tools to reach today's uptime and availability targets. While pretty graphs are useful (and we think our graphs are awesome) there's so much more info an engineer needs to resolve issues and keep ahead of the next problem. Network Knowledge has been designed to collect a huge amount of useful information and present it in a way that helps systems and network engineers get the job done.

Try Network Knowledge for yourself to see why we're so exited.

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